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Code of conduct

Code of Conduct

In order for candidates to be eligible for CAPPA certification they must sign and agree to the CAPPA philosophy, code of conduct, scope of practice, and grievance policy. We reserve the right to withhold certification to those candidates that do not meet the requirements set forth. We also reserve the right to withhold certification based on all contact with candidates for certification, including, but not limited to phone calls, e-mails, and certification materials. An understanding of CAPPA standards of professionalism, our scope of practice, and code of conduct must be demonstrated by candidates at all times and in all communications. Failure to demonstrate an understanding of the aforementioned may result in CAPPA withholding certification.

  • § All CAPPA members should demonstrate integrity and ethical standards in their personal and professional conduct.
  • § All CAPPA members should pursue continuing education to further their knowledge in their profession.
  • § All CAPPA members should make every effort to encourage their clients to assume responsibility for the decisions they make.
  • § All CAPPA members will not divulge confidential information received in a professional capacity from their clients.
  • § All CAPPA members will make every effort to honor agreements and contracts for professional services.
  • § All CAPPA members should treat all colleagues in an ethical, professional, and respectful manner at all times.
  • § All CAPPA members should strive to promote ethical conduct within the profession.


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